Webb Strategy Review

Many small and medium sized businesses have a strong proposition, great potential and ambitions to grow further, yet the business leaders may lack the strong commercial experience often required to survive in today's tough economic climate.

Webb Strategy Review brings a fresh pair of experienced eyes to help the leadership team identify areas of opportunity - ideal for open minded entrepreneurs.

Over a three month period, the coach will immerse herself in the client's world, helping the leaders improve performance - of themselves, their staff and the business. Webb Strategy's coaching service includes a review of areas such as product offering, pricing, purchasing, staffing, communication, marketing, web presence, customer service, operations and new business development.

Helen Webb leads the Strategy Review service. Helen has a Degree in Management Studies as well as 20 years' commercial experience, largely in the travel and retail sectors. She spent 13 years in marketing and purchasing, before becoming UK Managing Director of lastminute.com from 2000 - 2004. After the birth of her son, Helen set up Webb Strategy and for the past twelve years has worked with a wide range of satisfied clients.

Helen has a strong work ethic and a ruthless customer focus. She also has a good sense of humour and a pragmatic approach to strategic thinking, enjoyed by past clients. By appointing Helen Webb as your business coach, you are buying her time, experience, expertise - and energy. Past customers have found the service to be a great help which directly improves productivity, staff and customer satisfaction - as well as the bottom line.

“Webb Strategy asked searching questions which opened up whole areas of possibilities and opportunities which we hadn't considered. We were given lots of ideas and areas for discussion and importantly, Webb Strategy gave us the confidence to get the business going in the right direction.”
Helen Sadler, Co-Founder; Your Care Home

Strategy Review - Service offering

The Strategy Review 3 month programme includes three key areas of business support. The standard Webb Strategy Review includes approximately a day a week of Helen's time, made up as follows:

1. Identifying key issues / business overview (Month one - 6 to 8 days)

Helen will spend time interviewing the Founders, investors and staff and, where possible, experiences the product offering. She will review the sales & marketing, product & services, financials and risk within the business. Helen will gain an understanding of the competition as well as an insight into customer feedback and customer service processes. Where possible, Helen will make first hand observations of the product and service offering.

Helen will then report back, sharing insights gained and offering ideas & suggestions on a range of issues and opportunities. From these, she will identify, together with the Founders, one key issue for further development. This will be an area which drains management time, margin or customer satisfaction - ideally, the issue which most impairs business performance and growth.

2. Key issue management (Month two - 3-4 days)

Helen will outline an action plan for dealing with the key business issue, working very closely with the business leaders and, where appropriate, other stakeholders. The approach will be “hands on”, guiding the management team through new techniques and communication. The idea is to support the business leaders in their learning & self development, and to bring them to a new level of confidence and performance, rather than to solve the issue for them.

3. Mentor / sounding board (1 - 2 days)

For the remainder of the coaching period, Helen will be on hand to answer ad hoc phone and email queries on a range of issues, as the business leaders implement the agreed action plan.

“The whole process has not been about pages and pages of analysis. It's been a hands on approach to making as much difference as possible, every day...The advice she gave was concisely presented, relevant and when running our business we refer to advice she gave us every day.”
Carly Trisk-Grove, Co-Founder; Cafe in the Park.