Webb Facilitation

Senior team strategy days

Helen Webb has over seven years' experience facilitating off site meetings for Executive Teams and Boards in a range of organisations. The topic may vary from Digital Disruption to mission statements & brand values or a topline strategy review. All sessions will be firmly focused on ensuring the organisation:

  • better serves the needs of its target market.
  • achieves its performance objectives

What does a session contain?

Each session is bespoke and confidential, but all are conducted in an atmosphere of trust and openness - stretching individuals to think laterally and strategically about the business, the sector, the future challenges and opportunities. The size of the team may vary, but aside whoever else is in the room, the customer is always present. 

What we need from you.

Before we start planning the strategy session, we will ask you a few questions to help us focus on the right areas and evaluate against the correct objectives.

For more information and an honest view of how and if we can help your business, please contact us today.