Webb Consultancy

Planning for business growth

Ever wished you could have a senior executive to call on as and when you need them? A professional with excellent experience and insight who can genuinely add value to your business without being on the books?

Helen Webb has an impressive career history and a strong blend of experience and expertise.  She is bright, dynamic and hard working – and has the initiative, drive and people skills to ensure the plans are realised.

Webb Consultancy offers excellent value for money consultancy in exchange for interesting work and flexible hours.  Most of the projects Webb Strategy undertakes involve some element of web strategy (funnily enough!), but many also involve general business strategy, marketing and travel issues. We only undertake these consultancy projects if we feel we can really add value - and from the feedback so far, we are judging it correctly.

For more information and an honest view of how and if we can help your business, please contact us today.