Webb Strategy; We know our online onions


At Webb Strategy, we know our online onions - as well as "shallot" about the offline world! 


Our Consultancy service helps Directors address strategic issues within the organisation. These are not uniquely online consultancy projects, although in consultancy as in life, it's rare to find anything without at least some online element.


Helen Webb often facilitates strategy awaydays for senior teams - on a range of topics. A non-executive Director herself, she understands both the business and boardroom issues at play.


Some of our clients use us as mentors. We work with both individuals within larger organisations and Directors of SMEs who have all the ideas, but not necessarily the business experience to execute them as well as they would like.

Strategy Review

A Webb Strategy Review is a three month "hands on" coaching programme, designed to help growing businesses grow even faster. Working with entrepreneurs and business leaders, Webb Strategy helps identify areas of opportunity and outlines an action plan for dealing with the key business issue.


Webb Strategy runs a series of workshops on a variety of strategic issues:

  • Mega trends and how they might affect your business
  • Digital disruption - do we need to worry?
  • Establishing a ruthless customer focus throughout the organisation
  • Learning to let go - how (and how much) do I empower my team?



“With her knowledge and expertise came a reassurance that her recommendations were based around practical solutions which she could demonstrate in a working context”
Norman Burden, (CEO - TrueNorth HR)