Case Studies

Latest sightings (Mobile travel app)

Latest Sightings is an exciting new business, based in South Africa and run by a young "appreneur". Latest Sightings' mobile app and website have been acclaimed both for helping with animal conservation and enhancing the experience of safari travellers. Latest Sightings asked Webb Consultancy to write the business case for the further development of the business.
"I recently hired Helen to develop a business plan in a highly complex new area of the travel market. Her knowledge of the industry, coupled with a well thought out plan with appropriate actions has provided me with the focussed thought with which to move forward and implement"
Allan Freinkell, CEO of Startraq UK and strategic investor of Latest Sightings

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Public Sector)

Barnsley Council asked Webb Consultancy to work with stakeholders across the Borough to address the issue of low aspiration and worklessness among Barnsley's school leavers. Working with employers, head teachers, council officials, community leaders and young people themselves, Webb Strategy devised "I know I can", a campaign which united different funding initiatives and community campaigns to maximise impact at minimal additional investment.
"Helen worked with us at Barnsley Council on the concept and associated marketing "pitch" to potential sponsors for our campaign to inspire young people to raise their aspirations, self belief and achievements. I was impressed with her commitment to the project / concept, her focus, creativity and drive. She really seized on what we were trying to do and, in the end, drove the rest of us along with her sheer energy."
Phil Coppard, OBE, ex-Chief Executive at Barnsley MBC

Ceridian (Business Services)

Ceridian is a leader in HR software and managed services and works in the UK with many leading retailers and other mid and large corporates. Ceridian initially asked Webb Strategy to review their Marketing to capitalize on a period of strong growth. Subsequently, Ceridian has asked Webb Strategy to continue working with the Senior Leadership Team , particularly working on the organisation's Long Range Plan.
"Helen has been contributing to our business all of this year, as we have kept extending her stay, given that she has had such positive impact. She's liked and respected at all levels, and will absolutely not back down ever, if, as she mostly is, she's correct. With great experience and no little style, she has energised both our strategic and tactical thinking, with a particularly high impact in marketing's support of these."
Doug Sawers, Managing Director, Ceridian (UK).

The Café in the Park (Food retail)

The Café in the Park is a group of Cafes (in parks!), selling healthy food, freshly made to order from local, quality ingredients. Strong on business acumen and drive, yet lacking commercial experience, the young entrepreneurs who own the cafes asked Webb Strategy to critique a number of aspects of our business specifically focussing on HR.
"The advice Helen gave was concisely presented, relevant and when running our business we refer to advice she gave us every day. Helen helped me to become a better manager of people and to see things from the perspective of my staff. As a result - staff turnover has decreased and customer comments about the high quality of our customer service have increased."
Carly Trisk Grove, Owner, The Café in the Park

PFU (EMEA) Ltd, a Fujitsu company (Technology)

PFU is the leading manufacturer of document capture technology in Europe and asked Helen to review their marketing strategy as well as the structure of the marketing team.
"Helen is blessed with great clarity of thought. She possesses strong emotional intelligence and manages people with sensitivity, cultivating engagement from all. She shows real drive, sense of purpose and a determination to succeed."
Mike Nelson, Senior Vice President, PFU (EMEA) Ltd

Lonely Planet (Travel publisher)

Lonely Planet were keen to launch an online hotel booking service on their website, both as a service to customers and as a new revenue stream for the business. They asked Webb Consultancy to help guide the Lonely Planet team in its thinking, project planning and management.
"Helen was brought on to help lead a strategic business development opportunity in 2005/06 that was critical to the future growth of the online division at Lonely Planet. Helen was the obvious choice for us given her background in both online and the travel industry, and during the process failed to disappoint. Her leadership and industry experience proved extremely valuable during the project and at all times Helen was professional, well reasoned and committed enough to confidently share her ideas, experience and industry contacts. Helen did all this with a refreshingly informal and inclusive approach that provided a solid base for good working relationships throughout the company. We would recommend her services wholeheartedly."
Cam Holland (E-commerce manager) and Judy Slatyer (CEO)

ResourceBank (Business Services)

ResourceBank is an outsourced resourcing partner working with some of the UK's largest companies. ResourceBank initially asked Webb Strategy to run a Marketing Workshop, and subsequently often ask Helen to facilitate the Directors' strategy meetings.
"Helen came in to help us look at our business strategy at a critical time. She is an excellent and highly professional facilitator who was able to quickly appreciate our business and support us in developing a strategy to move forward. Working with Helen has been a delightful and constructive experience."
Sarah Hopkins, Director, ResourceBank Executive

McKinlay Kidd (Tour operator)

McKinlay Kidd employed Webb Strategy to review their website; both online marketing to drive traffic to the site and onsite usability.
"Helen brought tremendous knowledge and insight to the review of McKinlay Kidd's See Scotland differently website, providing a report which is clear, thorough, and above all, actionable. It gives a strong focus to work from, and implementing the recommendations has already helped to drive business growth. The initial report was excellent value - bringing Helen's high level expertise within the reach of small and medium-sized companies."
Heather McKinlay, Director; McKinlay Kidd

Hume Whitehead Ltd (Travel Marketing Services)

Hume Whitehead is one of the UK's leading travel representation and PR companies, who asked Webb Strategy to help re-develop their website.
" Not only did Helen help us create a punchy website with much higher search engine rankings, but she assisted us enormously in the development of the company's brand values. Helen is a straight-talking, results-focused professional who gets right to the crux of a problem and delivers effective solutions and she continues to assist us with strategic input into our business development. All this coupled with the fact that Helen is, quite simply, a genuinely amiable and lovely person makes her an asset to anyone's business."
Richard Hume, Owner, Hume Whitehead

Concur Technologies (Business Services)

Concur Technologies is the global leader in expenses management, working with blue chip companies around the world. Keen to enter the small business market in Europe, Concur asked Webb Strategy to help research and launch the cloud-based product, including defining a realistic 3 year business plan and creating a unique and relevant marketing campaign.
"Helen worked with us at Concur UK on the business plan and launch of Concur Small Business Edition, our new expenses management solution for small businesses. Launching a new offering is always filled with uncertainty and Helen's balanced and pragmatic approach was spot on. She encouraged us to continuously test out new ideas, religiously track our on-line performance and act quickly to incorporate all feedback. Helen was a real asset to the UK team and I look forward to working with her again on other projects."
Isabel Montesdeoca, SVP & GM, EMEA, Concur Technologies

Moody’s KMV (Financial Services business)

Moody’s KMV wanted to design a new website for leading edge thought on credit risk. They asked Webb Consultancy to review the prototype and stimulate creative thought around the new design.
"When we set out to design a new website to provide a forum for leading edge thought on credit risk we wanted to bring a fresh approach to the work. This was despite the fact we had a web designer and web engineer in-house. Helen brought new ideas and intelligent thought to the process without alienating our in-house team. The work that resulted exceeded all our expectations and we had a record number of hits very shortly after launch. I would recommend Helen highly to anyone looking for creativity delivered in a pragmatic and effective way."
Gavin Style (Managing Director - Moody’s KMV)

True North (Recruitment)

True North were working with a very successful online gaming site, to re-engineer their recruitment process, including the online element. Webb Consultancy reviewed the existing website and made recommendations for change.
"We worked with Webb Strategy or a key project to redesign a candidate attraction website as part of a major recruitment drive which True North was planning on behalf of an online gaming client. Helen’s work was really to the point and very ‘fit for purpose’. There were some key challenges; none greater than gently convincing key stake holders that major change was required if the redesign was to achieve its objectives. With her knowledge and expertise came a reassurance that her recommendations were based around practical solutions which she could demonstrate in a working context. Thanks to Helen’s approach and credibility the project gathered momentum and direction and we successfully delivered on time and to budget. In short, thrilled with the approach and the outcome."
Norman Burden (CEO - True North Human Capital)

Edge (Education foundation)

Edge was keen to set up a video-based careers website for practical and vocational learning, targeting 14 to 24 year olds and needed to select a partner to create and run the website. Webb Consultancy managed the process from writing the tender document, through to appointing the partner and presenting recommendations to the Board.
"Helen was great to work with, gave great value for money and provided great insights."
Andy Powell (CEO - Edge Foundation)
"We were impressed by you, your questioning and your pragmatic approach to the issues"
Toby Grimshaw (Careersinfo)
"I thought you contributed much of the intelligence and the understanding during this process with us."
Nick Newman (Careersinfo)